TRX Trainers

Posted by Admin|April 2nd, 2012

There are a lot of wonderful workout tools that you can use to help your body get into shape (obviously there are workouts like P90x and the Insanity Workout), but there are also some other really good product that you can really challenge yourself with.  TRX is a company who offers fun and unique ways to workout.  They are a great company that provides excellent products and specific materials to help you get into amazing shape.

There bread and butter is called the TRX Suspension Trainer.  There are two models they have, the Pro Kit model and the Force Kit model.  Depending on how much you want to spend or what you are looking for, one of these options is probably better for you.  Make sure to look at both and make the right decision for your workout plan.  Both of these models work the same, but there are some differences.  The Pro Kit comes with the basics, but the Force Kit comes with a 12-weel workout program and an updated suspension trainer.  With each TRX Suspension Trainer you can perform over 300 workouts that can target any muscle on your body.  There are not only a lot of workouts you can do, but they are also fun and challenging.  Suspension training is one of the best body-weight workouts you can do.

The TRX Rip Trainer is the newest edition to the TRX family.  This fun little tool actually looks more like it can be used as a weapon instead of helping you get fit.  But do not underestimate the TRX Rip Trainer, it will provide your body with explosive movements.  With anybody who plays sports, the power you have in your hips and core can provide you with that little extra to beat your competition.  The TRX Rip Trainer specifically targets rotational power, that means you can gain more power in your hips and your core.  You can even mimic actual sporting moves.  There are many ways you can use the TRX Rip Trainer and for anyone who is serious about not only getting into great shape, but also providing your body with power, than the rip trainer is for you.

Many professional athletes use these tools to help develop their bodies so that they can perform at their top level.  There are also many personal trainer and gyms across the US that are starting to include session and classes on how to use the TRX trainers and get the most out of them.

Tony Horton on Dr. Oz

Posted by Admin|November 2nd, 2011

So for those who are big Dr. Oz fans then you probably saw that Tony Horton was on the show the other day.  Dr. Oz was doing a special called the 10 minute miracle workouts and he had Mr. Tony Horton as the man of the hour.  It was pretty cool seeing the Creator of the P90x, 10 minute trainer, Power 90, and the upcoming P90x2 workout on TV in action.  he really knows his stuff and really cares that people get results from his workout programs.

For those of you who missed it, the episode included a 10 minute workout session where Dr. Oz and Tony worked out together and had a lot of fun doing it.  The show main showcased Tony Horton and his P90x Workout, but it also had a lot to do with the 10 minute trainer. Both of these workouts have really helped people get their lives back into shape and living better.

If you are one of those people who are looking to get their lives healthy again, then you really need to check out one of Tony Horton’s workouts.  If you can not do the P90x, then start off with the 10 minute trainer, you will not be disappointed.

Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Plan

Posted by Admin|November 1st, 2011

These days everybody wants fast results, that is why the microwave is so popular, it cooks food in a flash so you can satisfy your hunger.  The same goes for working out, people want fast results in little time.  That is why the 10 minute trainer is such an amazing workout, because you can get incredible results by doing Tony Horton’s 10 minute plan if you do it 6 days a week.

Can you really get a great workout in 10 minutes?

Well, if you were just isolating a single part of your body, then a 10 minute workout would not be that effective.  But since the 10 minute miracle includes working out more than one body part at a time, you can really get a great full body workout in just a short 10 minutes.

Are there any more benefits?

Yes, the first benefit is that you are working out with Tony Horton, he is one of the best personal trainers in the country and the creator of the famous P90x workout. The second benefit is that you will be working out for a whole ten minutes, the time stops when you are transitioning to a different workout.  The third benefit is that the 10 minute plan workout is super flexible.  It comes with more than just one workout DVD.  So if you have more time, then you can workout for 20 minutes or even 30 minutes if you want to.

What else?

You get wonderful materials to help you along in the workout process, and you will also get a resistance band and an upgrade kit to help you with your workouts.

Tony Horton’s Ten Minute Plan is an incredible workout program, and anyone can benefit from working out with this program.

Click Here To Check Out the 10 Minute Trainer

Pre-order:P90x2 and get free shipping

Posted by Admin|October 18th, 2011

If you do not know by now, the P90x2 workout is now available for pre-order, and guess what?  If you pre-order the P90x2 Workout you will get free shipping.  For those of you who have done the original P90x workout, you understand how awesome it is, so you can rest assure that the P90x2 workout is going to be even more challenging and more effective than the original.

Tony Horton and his team of experts have been working hard developing a new p90x program that could top the best selling workout dvd system ever, and they believe that they have a better product with the P90x2 Workout.  The format is the same, 3 months of incredible workouts and even more muscle confusion, and there are even new materials and tools to help you along in getting absolutely ripped.

If you are interested you can check out more info here.

Great Package Deals

Posted by Admin|December 3rd, 2010

If you are looking into getting the P90x workout or the Insanity workout, then you might want to check out the package deals that we offer at Ultimate Fitness Gear.

If you are new to the P90x workout, then you must know that getting the DVD set is only the first step.  You must also have dumbbells or resistance bands, and a chip-up bar in order to do the workout.  Not only is the workout equipment a must have, but the P90x Recovery Formula is also a key member to have for healthy nutrition during the workouts.  The P90x Recovery Formula is wonderful for muscle recovery, the P90x workout routine is tough on the muscles, and having this drink will help them recover and power on.  You can now get all of these products in one package deal!  The P90x Peak Results Package offers all these things.  Not only do you get the whole P90x workout, but it also includes a chin-up bar, resistance bands, and the recovery formula. Click here to view the P90x Peak Results Package in depth.

If you are new to the Insanity workout then you need know the the great package deal we have here at Ultimate Fitness Gear.  The great thing about the Insanity workout is that you need no equipment, but for someone who has done the Insanity workout you might have realized that you need a jump mat, especially if you have hard-surfaced floors or a carpet that you do not want to ruin.  The Insanity Deluxe With Jump Mat is the perfect package for the Insanity workout, it comes with the whole Insanity workout, plus the advanced workouts, and a jump mat.  It also comes with a free body fat tester and some bonus workouts.  This is the complete Insanity Workout Package!  Click here to view the Shaun T Insanity Deluxe Package

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