Tony Horton’s Biography: His Life’s Transformation

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Tony HortonIt is easy to look at Tony Horton and think to yourself, “He has always been in good shape,” but like many other people who assume that Tony Horton has always been chiseled, you too would be wrong.  It has not always been easy for Tony Horton; in fact, Tony Horton’s earlier life might sound a lot like yours.  Like many people, Tony did not like to exercise; actually he dreaded the thought of working out.  He also had a liking for fast food, and who could blame him!  Fast food, although unhealthy, is very tempting especially for a young person.  Tony Horton was not ripped like you see him in his Power 90, P90x, or 10 minute trainer workouts; he was described as weak and bony.  Those are definitely two words that do not describe him now.  So what happened to Tony that turned his life around, how did he go from being a scrawny everyday guy to a fitness phenom?

Although exercising was one thing that Tony did not like, there was one thing that he enjoyed…acting!  So he did what many people do when they want to start an acting career, he moved to the great city of Los Angeles.  Being a graduate from the University of Rhode Island and having some smarts, Tony quickly came to the realization that in order to make it in Los Angeles he had to be fit.  This was the beginning of Tony Horton’s fitness path.  He joined the gym that helped made Arnold Schwarzenegger successful, the World Gym in Venice.  It was at the World’s Gym that Tony began to study and ask questions about fitness, which led him to a total body transformation and launched him into fitness success.

Obviously, coming from a gym that is famous for breeding body builder type people, there was pressure to conform, but Tony did not want that look.  So Tony focused more on his cardiovascular training and weight training that gave him that toned look.

Tony started to get a lot of attention because of how much he transformed his body, and because of that attention he was asked to become a personal trainer.  Tony still got to pursue his acting career in other ways.  He trained many celebrities like Sean Connery and Tom Petty, and then also had a television appearance with Nordic Track.  Tony Horton also worked with the cast from The 13th Warrior, starring Antonio Banderas, and helped them get ripped for that movie.

Tony Horton’s fame was growing more and more, that is when the CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler, contacted Tony about joining the Beachbody team.  Since then, Tony has released some of the greatest in-home workout routines that has helped thousands of people transform their lives.

Tony continues to help people reach their fitness goals.  Through Tony’s personal success, he has gained the knowledge and the passion to help other people become successful.

Here are a few of the workout dvds Tony has released:

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